Restructure the media

.Full paper “Software startuppers took the media’s paycheck. Media’s fightback happens through startup culture and abstraction shifts” at ICE Conference 2016 in Trondheim Norway 13th June 2016, is an academic experience and visionary research project by NTNU-IDI and In Action. The paper proposes a systemic and disruptive solution to solve the media’s downfall by establishing The Trio, a business consortium of three actors: one mobile network manufacturer, one (or more) network operator(s) and one (or more) media house(s).


The collapse of old print media and journalism happened when the Internet, its solutions, services and communities became mature and mobile devices reached the market. The reader abandoned printed dailies for free and mobile access to information. The business of core industries of the early Internet and mobile communication, the mobile network manufacturers and operators are also in stagnation and decline. Therefore these industries may have similar interests to improve or even restructure their own businesses as well as to establish totally new business models by going into media and journalism.

The 800 – 1000 billion $US annual global business of media is in confusion and unstructured. Actions like “Apple to buy Time Warner”, “Microsoft buys Linkedin” or “Verizon is buying Yahoo“ are just sings of desperate trials to survive by any means. The Trio does it differently and in a solid way.

The Trio, a joint consortium between network manufacturers and operators and media houses, is a must. When the Trio join three great forces, it can update journalism and make all three stagnating industries great again. Further research, development and discussion about media’s and journalism’s positioning is needed, especially combining other industries in cooperation. The discussion should consist of ethical, societal and philosophical subjects because the development of the Internet solutions are based on “technology first” actions.

Read the paper and presentation, and download the poster, from ICE Conference 2016 in Trondheim Norway 13th June 2016:

16_ICE-Conference-2016-SW-startuppers-took-medias-paycheck-pict-Journalism-Juhani-Risku-Outi-Alapekkala-NTNU-In-Action   16_ICE-Conference-2016-SW-startuppers-took-medias-paycheck-present-Journalism-Juhani-Risku-Outi-Alapekkala-NTNU-In-Action   16_ICE-Conference-2016-Trondheim-icon-Media-journalism-Poster-A0-Software-startuppers-took-medias-paycheck-fightback-journalism-Juhani-Risku-Outi-Alapekkala-NTNU-In-Action

Structuring media industry’s actions against invaders – Three models

16_TAIC-SIMO-applied-Journalism-Media-Network-operator-manufacturer-positioning-Startup-culture-disruption-Juhani-Risku-Outi-Alapekkala-NTNU-In-Action  16_Cynefin-Journalism-Media-Network-operator-manufacturer-positioning-Startup-culture-disruption-Juhani-Risku-Outi-Alapekkala-NTNU-In-Action  16_From-2D-journalism-to-4D+-journalism-Media-Network-operator-manufacturer-positioning-Startup-culture-disruption-Juhani-Risku-Outi-Alapekkala-NTNU-In-Action

Figures 1*, 2** and 3*** expalined below the text.

From uncertainty…  

Startup culture and disruptive thinking to rescue the media!

The circumstances of media and journalism are more uncertain and unpredictable. There are more questions, opinions and claims than innovation, radical actions and academic or engineered solutions for gaining back media’s and journalism’s grandeur. Software startuppers and their technological developments are driving tremendous change in media and journalism, which both have major societal roles.

… to disruptive Trio

The Trio is a creative base for the future of media and journalism!

Operator-manufacturer-media house Trio finds easily strategic partners from areas where they don’t have harsh competitors. The idea is that the Trio as an Internet veteran and trusted content creator takes the customer,  user and  creator as a partner,  pays properly  for the content, promotes the creative reporter community and acts like a peer startupper.

When The Trio starts to work, magic happens


The Trio, the joint consortium between network manufacturers and network operators and media houses, has extreme possibilities to disrupt the value chains in a new way. Here a short list of new practical items:

  • Radical changes internal startups and software solutions
  • Radical focus areas in content creation, news and interaction
  • Radical actions in forms of active reporters, communities and citizens
  • Radical leadership bypassing media mogul thinking
  • Radical products scaling from writing to acting locally and globally
  • Radical services created by network operators and realised by manufacturers
  • New solutions: systemic thinking rather than pixel tuning
  • Patents: thousands of patents to guard, share or free IPRs
  • New formats: Web, TV, video, radio and apps get thousands of new formats
  • Processes: smart processes come to media (replacing the mogul syndrome)
  • New people: 85 % of old school journalists are replaced with fresh thinking
  • New businesses: The Trio triples business opportunities and models
  • New enthusiasm: phlegmatic and tedious journalists replaced by citizens and startuppers



* TAIC-SIMO tetra model applied to network–operator/manufacturer–media-business’ (the Trio’s) positions. In the Trio’s fightback they join their forces and build a new format and access to the Internet, and they override today’s advertisement money hijackers. This requires abstraction shifts, startup culture, new leadership and rapid actions from the Trio. The tetra shows direct connections between edges (e.g. O–M collaboration), the tetra face (triangle) show a combined business area (e.g. M–O–J). The missing part of the tetra can be established on a new abstraction level (e.g. M–O–J Internet Access). This MOJ Access is a spin-off of a network–operator/manufacturer–media house consortium. The idea to establish an own Internet Access spin-off instead of acquiring an existing one is about creating a new actor in this business environment. This actor can disrupt the present business models and offer the users and consumers a combination of more interesting and fair services.

** Cynefin applied to network–operator/manufacturer–media-business positions 2016. Cynefin [ˈkʌnᵻvɪn] [23] is framework with five domains: simple, complicated, complex, chaotic and disorder (in the intersection). Simple and complicated represent ordered world, complex and chaotic represent disordered world. When a business is in the simple section it is stable and predictable until disruptive changes happen. Companies with too high comfort zone face problems and may fall to chaotic section. The route clockwise from simple through chaos to complex and complicated is long and painstaking. Balancing in sections complex-complicated-simple allows creation, innovation and possibilities to develop stable simple businesses in a constant flow. Journalism fell from simple to chaotic, operators have stagnated more to simple, manufacturers are on the way to complex with 5G. They all need immediate actions to survive: journalism through complex to complicated, operators upwards between complicated and complex, manufacturers more to complex. Complex offers innovation and experiments, complicated offers stable business. The best place is the Ribbon-Bowtie, where good leadership guarantees innovation and successful business. The Ribbon-Bowtie positioning as a strategic endeavour requires balancing between creative and stable mindsets and giving more authority for creative and disruptive forces and talents. When M, O and J join their forces, it is a combination of creativity, making business from chaos, functioning experiments, and running solid and stable business. M, O and J have some overlap to understand each other, and they have extreme strengths to be integrated. The chaotic journey of journalism appers to be the disruptive strength of the Trio, because in its agony the industry is forced to find viable and competitive yet revolutionary solutions to survive. Now it seems that journalism has been separated from the successful media industry and it tries to survive alone.

*** Media’s fixed structure becomes dynamic: Rising form mere closed square, media enters an open and dynamic tetra space. One-size format becomes personalised content and one-way communication becomes multifold between the source and the readers as well as between the readers. Freedom of speech currently restricted by political correctness reaches its true meaning, and simple words gain in power having the potential to generate action amongst the multiple reader platforms. Transition from 2D to 4D+ allowed by the Trio: In order to move from the current square to the future tetra model, a totally new form of cooperation between the media outlet and its journalists, network manufacturers and network operators is required. Only those three together can disable the current lockdown inflicted on media and journalism and their financing by the worldwide dominance of Google and its ramifications. The Trio provides for the new access, via their combined power in technology, channel and interest. Startup culture opens up room for action: A politically correct journalist following advertising money becomes an unrestrained citizen-journalist communicating on the topics of her deep knowledge, understanding and passion in an open media world where she has the potential of generating not only accurate information but also concrete action on any unfairness or injustice that she observes.