Design Thinking

Here you find material supporting the InterestMachine™ concept planning and design.

Design Thinking classes at Design Universities (University of Lapland, Aalto University, University of Bozen-Bolzano):

Design and Technology related presentations and Keynote speeches by Juhani Risku

Nokia specific publications by Juhani Risku

  • Juhani Risku, Nokia Rescue Booklet, 2011. Last day to rescue Nokia. The palindromic day 11.02.2011 Nokia was given to Microsoft. The Booklet was an executive summary to keep Nokia independent
  • Juhani Risku, New Nokia – the Manuscript, 2010 (in Finnish). Analysis and plan to restructure Nokia year 2010. Later Nokia smartphone industry collapsed as predicted in the book. Book is called as Risku manifesto.