Concepts and patents

InterestMachine™ is a common nominator for a wide portfolio of concepts, patents, formats, patterns, licences, processes, consulting and leadership. Today InterestMachine™ consists of concepts like InterestGlasses, BlinkUI™, MIST UI, Input/output innovations, InterestMachine applications for future libraries and future cities and TAIC-SIMO model, and media and journalism related models like PRW-model and 70Jours.

Because InterestMachine™ scales from smart watches and glasses to phones, tablets, laptops and TVs ending up to future libraries and future cities it allows innovations and solutions of any granularity and purpose.

InterestMachine™ concepts, patents, formats, patterns and processes are encrypted into the chart below. The idea of encryption is based on the extreme complexity of the components like software, Input/Output abstractions, computing processes, scalability abstractions, visualization dynamics and AI-AR-VR operational flow.

Chart. Juhani Risku 2012: Interest Machine structure, Design, Cloud computing and SW dependencies. When new technologies like Virtual Reality VR, Artificial Intelligence AI, Augmented Reality AR, new Media abstractions, Dynamic Visualization, knowledge and meaning based search, sorting and cross matrix computing come to consumer products totally new computing abstraction is needed. The core of InterestMachine™ is the BlinkUI. Computing faces new challenges also from Usability, understandability and knowledge visualization needs. When data and knowledge has to be presented it means anything between 2D-3D-4D like 3D displays, 3D printing, molecule compound constructing and realtime manufacturing. Computing and SW development need a multifold shift to Reality/Knowledge/Meaning solutions.

InterestMachine™ has high potential for vast horizontal and vertical businesses in media, technology, Internet and operator environments. InterestMachine™ is simultaneously a system of consumer products and devices to applications and services. When scaling the InterestMachine™ it covers human interests in future libraries and future cities.

InterestMachine™ leadership model, CreativeOrganizationMachine™ (CrOM™), is a model for creative teams to manage complex systems and visionary dimensions.


Chart (above). Generic list of CreativeOrganizationMachine™ (CrOM™) components. CrOM is a tool for senior leaders to achieve higher goals and better competitiveness with their teams.



Chart. An example of CreativeOrganizationMachine™ (CrOM™). Here CrOM™ leadership model is applied to a product and design based company (like Nokia, Apple, Samsung).

InterestMachine™ is an abstraction shift of Nokia’s internal “iPhone killer project” “Xseries” which was made by Risku year 2008. Nokia discarded this original Xseries project with insulting fanfare and took the name Xseries to a series of so called Nokia dumb phone category year 2011.


List of InterestMachine™´s areas of concepts, patents, formats, patterns, licences and processes:

  • InterestMachine™ – New abstraction of media device scaling from glasses through phones, pads, laptops and big screens to city panels
  • Ecosystem ONE™ – Operators´ and Network manufacturers´ ecosystem with media houses and big data
  • InterestGlasses™ – The glasses support AR, VR, AI and knowledge
  • BlinkUI™ – The UI supports AR, VR, AI and knowledge
  • MIST UI™ – The UI scales from micro to macro levels of screen technology.

The InterestMachine™´s areas of concepts, patents, formats, patterns and licences are available for companies which want to create new business beside present activities and units. With the portfolio a company can update its own product palette and create new competitive offering. Typical setup to acquire the InterestMachine™ is 50/50 ownership model and an organisation of 250 professionals. The investment range is between 50 to 250 million dollars fro two years.

List of InterestMachine™´s areas of processes, consulting and leadership:

  • CrOM™ – The Creative Organization Machine streamlines your organization and brings in new leadership
  • OCC™ – The Owners´ Care Consortium replaces the executive board and the board of directors of stagnating corporation and leads it to a new success
  • TAIC-SIMO™ – Ecosystem model and solution palette to choose right business model for technology, Internet, media and operator companies
  • PRW-model™ – Model for media companies to apply when transforming their businesses to new success
  • 70Jours™ – Model for journalistic media companies to transform print and essay writing to active footprint in media and actions

The InterestMachine™´s areas of processesconsulting and leadership reorganize stagnating companies starting from their vision, leadership model, quality of the staff and daily work. All new ways of working are lead by experienced visionaries and professionals managing disruptive methods to make an abstraction shift.